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Better Than Rotisserie Chicken

Have you ever found yourself in the kitchen of your apartment, hovering around the table with your sister and/or roommate and/or best friend, picking the meat off the bones of a rotisserie chicken like scavenging scoundrels? The room lit only by the light of the refrigerator, it's 2:30 in the morning and you have just lumbered in from a night of dancing. That chicken is LIFE.

How about this. You are sitting in your car in the Wegman's parking lot shoveling a $4.99 BBQ chicken into your mouth hole like it's the first meal you've eaten in like, 3 days because you dared enter the grocery store on an empty stomach.

Both instances you are eating the chicken with your hands because you are shamelessly disgusting.


Let me guess, you eat chicken with a fork and knife on a plate and especially NEVER while "whelmed," as my sister-in-law so endearingly refers to the state of being between thoroughly buzzed and, well, asleep. Ugh, ok, the first scenario definitely no longer applies to me, but, when it did, we were having a GRAND time. Scenario two, however...that wasn't so long ago...definitely pre-COVID, but not THAT much earlier on my time line of life.

But let me tell you, NOTHING tastes better than a rotisserie chicken eaten with your hands straight outta the fridge after too many G&Ts and a night of dancing to M.I.A. and MGMT and The Knife and Talking Heads and "let's make love and listen to Death (Beth) From Above."

That is, until you've mastered the easiest meal prep recipe on the planet.

A roast chicken is everything that is good and wholesome right now. It fills your house with smells reminiscent of Thanksgiving and all that is Good and Holy, it's virtually hands off, it's the gold standard of meal prep and andand you get to make stock with the bones later. And unlike a store bought rotisserie chicken, the skin is crispy and SO full of flavor. I mean, you won't have as much fun as my friends and me on a Thursday night at the Bug Jar during the years 2006ish to 2010ish, but you are going to have an amazing dinner and thank yourself for the next several days to come.

Lately I have been obsessed with slathering all of the meats with a blend of smoked paprika, brown sugar, salt and dijon mustard. It creates a smoky, sweet, almost glaze like coating and it is SO addictive. I used Bourbon as my liquid this time, but you can use white wine, light beer, or stock or CIDER!! Ooo, do cider AND bourbon. Nothing is stopping you.

Ok, so now make a Mama proud and make sure you eat before you shop. And also eat before you drink G&Ts. And definitely call an Uber after a night of dancing and imbibing (remember cabs lololol am I old?). And make this chicken on Sunday. Eat it with your hands as soon as you pull it out of the oven and LIVE a little.

All my love and Sneaked Bits of Crispy Chicken Skin,

From this Homebody to YOU,


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