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Caramel Apple Ice Cream Cake

by A Homegrown Homebody

I have never been one for smash cakes and elaborate first birthday parties. I just want to

eat delicious food that is relatively simple to throw together and I want to be able to hang with my peeps. Though it requires cleaning my house for two days, having my whole family at my home to celebrate the birth of my children brings me more joy than, say, a NY style round pie, thin crust, sliced properly into triangular slices, EVEN if my beloved sister disagrees. This may offend some of you, but please keep reading, I've got a recipe for the ages.

My second born came into this wild world on August 30, 2019. He was due October 10th. The ONLY thing I was sad about (besides him being intubated and in NICU for two-ish weeks) was that he was not going to have a Fall birthday like his mama. I told everyone who would listen that Ezra would have a Fall themed First Birthday Party, summer be damned.

This is how I schemed up this marvel of an ice cream cake. Autumn is teeming with cinnamon laden, pumpkin flavored, warm spiced sugary droll, which, maybe it's my unpopular opinion (I'm full of them), but I need equal parts tart and sweet and enough salt to balance it all out. I've been making ice cream cakes for every summer birthday for the past couple of years. It requires minimal effort, can be made ahead, and you do not need to turn on your oven on a 90 degree day. There's no controversy over frosting variety. You can make it allergy friendly and no one will notice or mind. It's always a showstopper and it makes everyone happy.

Smitten Kitchen's Hot Fudge Sundae Cake is a great place to start if you've never made one. But skip warming the hot fudge unless you want to end up 8 months pregnant, crying alone on your bed over a melted ice cream cake during your First Born's Third Birthday Party. Room temp fudge will absolutely do.

With a few variations of SK's ice cream cake under my belt, I felt bold and brazen and ready to create my own masterpiece. So here you have it folks. Salted caramel ice cream is swirled with homemade apple sorbet, layered with salted caramel sauce, crushed pretzels and graham crackers and more layers of each ice cream. This downright beauty is then topped with more caramel sauce, whipped cream, diced honeycrisp apple and toffee bits. What?! That's right, toffee bits. Make it as soon as you possibly can for every special Fall engagement. It's that good.

Ezra's entire family swooned over this cake. Ezra demanded his grandma feed him more this very instant.

This is a cake that requires some planning ahead. But most celebration cakes do! Unless you can track down store bought apple sorbet (in which case, send me the link), you will spend an entire day setting an alarm every 15 minutes to whip the apple sorbet and put it back in the freezer. If you are blessed by the ownership of an ice cream freezer, this process will be a cinch. But it really is not that hard if you don't have one, I promise! Do not let this step deter you. Also, you will want a full 24 hours for this baby to freeze solid. That said, it is all entirely worth it, I promise again!

By the way, this very Fall themed birthday cake was the only Fall themed anything at the party. I told you, I will not be bothered. More on Pandemic Parties later this week!

From this homebody to YOU,

Lots of love and masked-up hugs,


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