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Dark Chocolate, Blood Orange, Pomegranate Ice Cream Cake

Sweet October. Poems have been written about you. And this October has been living up to the love letters written about it. The bright colors, the sweater weather, the perfect balance between sunshiny and gloomy days, oh how I LOVE a gloomy day in Fall...this time of year has me so energized, so ready for whatever future mysteries are in store, ready to shed the old and welcome anything new. The trees are doing it so why can't I? Rest, recharge, renew. Each new season and each new month brings it's own something special to the table, but there's just something about this season, and this month in particular, that brings something a little more special.

You know your family loves you when they sit, shivering, on a chilly night in October, in your backyard eating the frozen birthday cake you made for yourself. Sure, they enjoyed the smooth dark chocolate, the crunchy cookie crumble and the sweet tart sorbet, the fudgy, chewy dark chocolate topping, sitting there under blankets, "what am I eating, is this a layer of brownie?", inching ever closer to the fire, gifting me with vintage buttons and polymer clay supplies and self-care goodies, well, I felt the love.

What I am really getting at is that an ice cream cake a month seemed like the right thing to do on a hot afternoon in August. Now that the autumn chill has set in (thank Heaven), we are still going to make and eat ice cream cake, but maybe let's not serve it to our already chilly, socially distanced quarantimes party guests. Unless you have warm apple cider and bourbon to give them. Which we did. Ice cream never goes out of style, even in the winter, just consume it inside, under a blanket touching another warm human body if you can.

But bebes, you want to make this cake. It is so Halloweeny and so decadent and checks all my boxes of the best kind of dessert: bitter-sweet, sweet-tart, multi-textured and it was such a looker. Bougie-spooky. Just how I like my Halloween.

And you guys, my Mom gave me an ice cream maker for my birthday! So you can certainly count on a seasonally festive ice cream cake of the month, ok?! I'm thinking...PSL or the new Starbuck's Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew for November...Shamrock Shake for March...Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for June...S'more's for August. If you have ideas, leave them in the comments section below!

So for this cake, I was really feeling the dark chocolate with blood orange situation. You could certainly do chocolate ice cream paired with store bought orange sherbet for the classic orange and black Halloween combo. I wanted it to look a bit vampire-ish with the pomegranate syrup poured over top, and blood oranges are not cheap these days so I decided to squeeze a couple of blood oranges and mix with store bought pomegranate juice for the sorbet. It was so perfectly sweet-tart! If you have an ice cream freezer or want to try the day long sorbet making method I share here, it's so worth it! But, definitely don't skip the dark chocolate ganache on the top.

I hope you all are enjoying this gloriously fall weather as much as I! I have been focusing on my little ones much more since we started our homeschool adventures, but I have a bunch more recipes and posts to share with you before the month is over.

All my love and Year Round Ice Cream Shivers,

From this homebody to you,


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