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DIY Advent Calendar

I won’t bore you with all the reasons I love this season.

What I will say is...

I’m obsessed, but not like, decorate in October, Christmas music year round and PSL in August. Okay well there was that one (three) Pumpkin Cream Cold Brews that may or may not have inspired an ice cream situation this month...more on that later.

I’m a lover of all things nostalgic and hygge and wintery and gentle and cozy and magic-like.

I host Little Women watching parties Every. Year. We eat all the snacks and cry when Beth...well...if you know, you KNOW. And there has to be a little bit of Little Women infused into every Christmas morning. Whether that is a full on replica of their breakfast or simply an orange placed delicately atop a rounded loaf of bread. More on THAT later too!

I make a Christmas song with my husband every year.

I sing Holly and the Ivy to my babies at nighttime.

I used to go actual caroling, like ring doorbells and serenade the unsuspecting neighbors.

I take such delight in adding warm white lights to the dim corners of my home.

But I think my favorite thing that I’ve done to spark Christmas spirit and joy in my own life and others, is create a list of 24 small spirit filled acts to delight in the daily countdown to Christmas. When I was teaching, I’d print a list out for each student, cut them into strips along with red and green construction paper and assist the preschoolers in making their Countdown garland. It was no easy feat, but it made me SO HAPPY.

So today I am sharing this list with you in the hopes it brings YOU all the joy and spirit we so desperately need right now. I’ve made it into a printable PDF format for you to print at home and use however you wish. This year and last year (pictured below), I hid the little cards behind a number card to reveal each day. One year, I handwrote each act and placed them in little envelopes, strung them from old picture frames and gifted them to all of my family members. You can put them in a basket, have your Elf on the Shelf deliver a new one each day, or put them in little boxes with another little gift. You could adhere them to the backs of colorful paper strips to make a paper chain garland. The possibilities are endless!

Find the download icon at the bottom of the page and print on card stock or laminate to keep them fresh for years to come.

They are all simple acts and require very little in the way of materials or prep. I hope you have so much fun with this! And tag me in your creations!

All of love and a little bit of Christmas joy,

From this homebody to you,


Countdown to Christmas
Download PDF • 51KB

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