• Sarah Celentano

Roasted Vegetable Soup

My cravings have shifted along with my mental state. I love gray days even more so than sunny days, and I think it's due in part that it's prime weather for cozying up at home. I have always experienced this pull to just be home, even in the wilder, carefree days of my youth. I'd cancel plans or skip a shindig and sure, I'd have a little FOMO and guilt for being a Supreme Flake, but those feelings had nothing on the intense gratification of pulling on my ugly sweats, whipping off my bra, eating rice-a-roni straight out of the pan and watching the same episodes of Friends or Gilmore Girls for the 800,000th time.

So, with the babes and the marriage and the pandemic and a home to upkeep, being at home is both a necessity and a luxury to this lil homebody in Rochester, NY. But I can't deny the fact that the lack of sun does start to get to me in little/big ways.

Finding ways to nourish my body AND my soul is a little harder when all I want to consume are potatoes and warm bread and cream sauce. This soup does both of those things. Warmly spiced with a kick from the curry, chock full of Farmer's Market bounty and it's a meal prep friendly dinner, to boot! Just roast the veggies on the weekend and have dinner on the table in twenty minutes on a weeknight. It's creamy without adding any cream. It's substantial thanks to the sweet and russet potatoes. It's just everything we need on these cold, gray days.

This soup can go in a few different flavor directions. If you like curry, it was perfect here. Throw in some coconut milk if ya wanna up the ante. But you can also do fresh thyme, sage and a little rosemary for a savory, Thankgiving-ey take. Or try smoked paprika, cumin and chili powder for a more Tex-Mex vibe. Swirl in some pureed black beans to add heft and added protein for this version.

BUT WHY IS MY BRAIN SO FOGGY AND HEART SO HEAVY TODAY. You know, aside from the usual election season anxiety/fear for the future/existential dread.

Ohhhhhkay. A conversation with The Mama brought it all into light. On this day two years ago my family lost its patriarch. One of my favorite human beings on this planet. Papa would hate this soup. But he wouldn't care as long as we were all sitting around the table being kind to one another enjoying a meal. He'd LOATHE this election cycle and all the hatred and vitriol and shouting. I cannot say for certain how he'd be voting but I do know he'd be miserable about all of it. Only Ahtohallan knows.

Okay, this is precisely why this funk is so funky. Two years sure snuck up. Major Bummer. It's funny how your body just knows it's supposed to be sad, slow down and reflect even if you're not entirely sure why.

So I am going to try not to slink so fast into this little bout of seasonal depression. Brain fog, get outta my brain. Soup, get into my belly. Heart, we are all going to be okay.

Now go make some soup.

Lots of love and warm hugs and maybe a little bit of CBD oil,

From this homebody to you,


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